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       All 2014 graduates please contact the registrar at your high school for records.       
Department of Student Planning, Placement and Support Programs
Welcome to Student Records
from 7:00 - 1:30
SUMMER HOURS: 06/09 - 08/08
7:00 UNTIL 5:45 SIGN IN BY 5:00

Regular office:  Hours are from 8:00 until 4:45 please be in our building and signed in by 4:00.

If I'm an adult school graduate do I order records on this site?
NO, you will call 813-231-1650 for more information.

I'm an attorney needing instructions on ordering records.
Look on the left side bar and first click on ORDER RECORDS and again on the green "order" button. Read the information listed below as some may pertain to attorneys.  You will need to attach documents  such as a signed release and subpoena to the order tracker.  If you have any questions, please call our office at 813-840-7052.

Can my records be mailed?
Yes, mailing out takes up to 7 to 10 business days after records are ordered.
***NOTE*** Online verification is required if we are mailing anywhere other than a college or university. If you do not pass the on-line verification we will ask for a notary release form found on the left side bar of this website.

Can I pick my records up?
Yes, picking up records takes up to 3 to 5 business days after records are ordered.
(no on-line verification process needed if YOU are picking up your records.  Bring up to date official state or goverment ID)

Can someone else pick up my records?
Yes, place your order on-line and fill out the notary form with the persons name on it and fax it in.  Also, make sure you list the persons name under SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS.

Please keep reading before ordering!

How will I pay for my records?
Pay online VIA Amazon.com.  Please make sure all of your account information with Amazon is up to date, such as your billing address and etc.

What if I don't have a credit card or have problems with Amazon.com?
You will then use the PAY BY MONEY ORDER option at the bottom left corner of the order form.  If you're Picking Up your order, you will bring your money order in before we will start processing your order.  If you are mailing the money order,  please mail to the following address.  Student Records 2920 N. 40th St. Tampa, FL 33605-3205.  After we receive your money order we will start processing your order.

Can I order before paying with a money order?
Yes, just make sure you mail or bring the money order in ASAP as your request will be placed in a pending mode waiting for your payment.  Make your money order out to Student Records.

How will I know when my records have been processed?
We contact you by text and/or e-mail.  We'll let you know if the records are ready to mail, ready to pick up, or if we are needing more information in order to process your order. The e-mail will come from SCRIBONLINE.  
***NOTE***Check your spam mail and regular mail for the SCRIBONLINE e-mail.

Can I send transcripts electronically?
Yes, but this is for "some" Florida colleges only (see left sidebar for the list of colleges).  Please fill out the MAIL OUT request form with the name of the college, campus and address. If the students social security number is not on the transcripts at the time of graduation we will be mailing your transcripts to the address listed on your request.  We will alwlays try to send it electronically first unless you give us special instructions to mail only.

Where can I find the order form?
Link to the order form is on the left sidebar under "Order Records".

Last Modified: Jul 09, 2014